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  U.S. carries out Cyber attacks on Iran in response to provocations
  UAE residents mourn death of Emirati sports hero
  US-Iran crisis explained: Here's everything that happened in the region
  US-Iran tensions: UAE-based airlines Emirates, Fly Dubai, Etihad and Air Arabia reroute flights
  Abu Dhabi: Legal norms to be set for places of worship
  Dubai denies rumour of Maggi cubes with chicken intestines
  Facebook in Dubai meet-up agrees that they might be slow to react sometimes to troll farms
  Four on trial for Dh1.2 million fake property development scam in Dubai
  Imran Khan cannot be blamed for Pakistan’s current agony
  Mother allegedly tortured and starved to death by her own son in Dubai
  Qatar exploiting UN loopholes to facilitate terror financing
  UAE visas for dependents over 18 can now be renewed
  Nuclear changes and more troops heighten US-Iran tensions
  The fast and strong Manal Rostom on wearing the hijab while running marathons
  Video: Humidity hits 90% in UAE, more foggy days expected
  'We don't want war in the region...But we won't hesitate to deal with any threat': Saudi Crown Prince
  12 genius grocery hacks to save money in the UAE
  Dubai business confidence at a 52-week high
  Indian boy’s death in Dubai: Friend who used to wake him up missed bus
  Netflix’s first Arabic original ‘Jinn’ sparks backlash
  Saudi launches probe into ‘halal’ nightclub
  Student, 10, suffers burns after hot water poured on his head in Ajman
  You can now shoot videos, take photos using drones in UAE
  City Centre Mirdif warns about bogus job offers
  Crew members of targeted Norwegian-owned tanker now in Dubai
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