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Why we live in bedspaces

13-Nov-2016 :

Dubai: For Marites, along with 23 other women who share a two-bedroom apartment in Al Barsha, the prospect of encountering municipality inspectors referred to as ‘baladiya’ — is just a part of daily life.

The Filipina teaching assistant employd at a school, who is in her fifties, has little choice but to share home space. She pays Dh800 monthly rent — utilities included — for a space on a bunk bed. To avoid the daily clamber up and down the bunk’s cold metal frame, she pays Dh50 extra for the lower berth.

“My salary is not too high. I have to send money to my family also,” says Marites.

At her school, full-time teachers get free housing provided by the school, a privilege not enjoyed by assistants.

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