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Think outside the box to make extra money

06-Nov-2016 :

For many people, the conventional wisdom that to save you need to watch your luxury spending is simply irrelevant.

If you have a limited income, you probably hardly spend on anything that is not totally a necessity. You may be even a pro in budgeting, but still you struggle to make ends meet. In this case, there is no latte money to spare or impulsive shopping to cut back, the core problem is simply your income is too low to cover your expenses. And the only solution to solve this problem is to find ways to make additional money or tiny savings.

Easier said than done for many people who are stuck in financially dead-end jobs without many alternatives that could pay more. In these cases, the only way to make money is to think outside the box, and look for potential sources of income or savings, even if they seem insignificant, knowing that just like small expenses add up, small savings also can help.

Here are few points to look at when you’re considering your options.

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