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Surfing in the skies

22-Oct-2016 :


Indians, the world’s second-biggest internet users, were told to expect a decision allowing them to update their Facebook status and send WhatsApp messages from 35,000 feet as early as September. Instead, they’ve been kept in a holding pattern because of security concerns.

Delays gaining regulatory approval for WiFi in Indian airspace aren’t dissuading satellite operator Inmarsat Plc, which said it’s talking preemptively to carriers, including Jet Airways India Ltd and the local unit of Singapore Airlines Ltd, about enabling connectivity on their flights.

“We are keeping a very keen eye on movement around the regulatory environment, said Rash Jhanjee, a director for airline market development for India, Middle East and Africa at Inmarsat, in an interview. “The Indian consumer, the average business user on these planes, is now expecting connectivity on the ground as well as in the air.

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