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Steroids use quite common among bodybuilding enthusiasts

30-Oct-2016 :

Dubai: There is a worrying increase in the recreational use of anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS), the synthetic drugs of the male sex hormone testosterone, and the human growth hormone (HGH) in Dubai, say experts.

To conform to a global culture that unrelentingly emphasises the rewards of physical beauty and perfection, male and female gym goers are ingesting performance-enhancing drugs to boost both their body mass and improve the definition of body muscle in pursuit of the ultimate physical desirability, with little regard to the health consequenes of such abuse, say experts in the gym industry.

Ahmad Abbas, trainer, speaks about steroids at Tecom.

Ahmad Abbas, an international coach with 20 years’ experience in the sports medicine community, said he sees the problem growing, despite strict UAE laws that ban using, distributing and selling these drugs for recreational purposes.

A masters in sports science and with a university degree in physical therapy, Abbas said, “A very high percentage of gym trainers are to blame for the abuse of steroids among body-building enthusiasts. They are the ones who recommend their use and engage in selling them to people.”

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