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Saudi population closes in on 32 million-mark

06-Nov-2016 :

Manama: The total population of Saudi Arabia in 2016 was 31,742,308, up from 27,236,156 in 2010, official figures indicate.

The figures released by the General Authority for Statistics showed a 16.54 per cent increase at an annual average of 2.54 per cent.

Males represent 57.44 per cent of the total population while females make up 42.56 per cent. This is a slight change from the 2010 figures when men made up 57 per cent of the population and women 43 per cent.

The number of Saudi citizens in 2016 was 20,064,970, up from 18,776,510 six years ago — an increase of 1,288,460 (6.68 per cent).

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