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No one can be on a 24X7 call

11-Nov-2016 :

Yes, your employees are back from their vacations — if they were lucky enough to get away, that is — but are they really recharged? How realistic is your company’s leave policy when, often, people can’t even enjoy their time off due to skeletal teams and unrealistic employer expectations.

Lisa was so excited; it is only a couple of days left to her so-longed-for holiday. She was having a meeting with her direct manager to discuss her handover since it is a three-week vacation.

Lisa walked out of the meeting confused and worried. She has been with the company for almost a year and been working really hard, trying to prove herself and make a difference. Work has been so demanding that she had to work longer hours, promising her family that it is temporary and that she will make it up to them.

This vacation is what they have been waiting for — finally time with no Blackberry, laptop or constant stress. Yet, Lisa’s manager didn’t really discuss a proper handover.

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