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Newborn dies after slipping out of womb

23-Oct-2016 :

Patna: The death of a newborn who died after slipping from the womb at a government hospital in Muzzaffarpur district, some 80km north of Patna, in Bihar has caused outrage.

The tragedy took place on Friday when a pregnant woman was forced to walk to the delivery room after the onset of labour. The patient, identified as Puja Devi, is the wife of one Naresh Sah.

The patient’s family said Puja Devi was being escorted by two hospital nurses as she slowly walked from the delivery room, where she had been admitted to for the past two days, to the labour room when the baby suddenly slipped from her womb and suffered critical head injuries. The baby died soon thereafter.

“The hospital administration is totally responsible for the incident,” a distraught Sah said. “My wife was told to walk up to the labour room, instead of being carried on stretcher, even though she was in labour.”

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