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Man who took video of D5 number car detained

30-Oct-2016 :

Dubai: Al Barsha police have detained the man who took the video of the car with the D5 number plate that had been parked in a slot reserved for the handicapped. The number plate was bought by a Dubai-based businessman for Dh33 million at a Roads and Transport Authority auction on October 8. The video went viral last week.

Maj-General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant to the Dubai Police Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, said the man, an Arab, worked in an area near where the incident was filmed.

The owner of the vehicle reported the video, and Dubai Police’s Cyber Crime Department identified the man who took the video leading to his detention on Thursday.

Dubai Police said it is illegal to take videos or photographs of people without first seeking their consent and post them online.

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