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Love poem to Ivanka Trump by Saudi 'Romeo' goes viral

19-Nov-2016 :

Manama: A Saudi poet has taken social media by storm after he posted a short clip in which he recited two verses expressing his admiration for Ivanka, the daughter of US President-Elect Donald Trump.

“For the eyes of Trump’s daughter, I will smile and forget all differences. She ruled the hearts of all people before her father ruled the States,” the poet who did not identify himself said in perfectly rhyming Arabic verses.

The short clip became a sensation on social media, particularly Instagram, and comments expectedly ranged from sympathetic support to the “Romeo” to outright criticism.

“She is pretty, but you are wasting your time because even if you had all the oceans as ink and wrote millions of verses, she would not even cast a glance at you,” Southerner said.

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