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How to safely discard your electronic waste

23-Oct-2016 :

Dubai: Fourteen new recycling stations, higher disposal charges per tonne of waste for businesses and plans to shutter some of the last shrinking landfill spaces in Dubai are stemming the garbage stream, say experts.

But other smaller-scale waste programmes still have a large role to play in Dubai further meeting its target of zero waste to landfill by 2030 by helping divert everything from discarded used computers to excess food waste from hotel kitchens.

Every item recycled couldn’t be more timely as Dubai wrestles to reduce its growing waste stream which totalled 14.4 million metric tonnes in 2015, up from 10.1 million metric tonnes in 2013, Dubai Statistics Centre figures show.

Abhay Bhargava, associate director and regional head – Middle East, Energy and Environment Practice, Frost & Sullivan, praised a Dubai Municipality computer refurbishment programme under way in Dubai as a good example of waste diversion strategies that work.

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