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Horoscope: October 23, 2016

23-Oct-2016 :


Ridding yourself of once–prized arrangements and, equally, saying ‘no’ to appealing offers isn’t easy. Yet exciting as these seem, they’re distracting you from your true goals, which have far more to do with realising a deeply, personal vision and achieving a trust and closeness with those who matter most. True, these require patience. Still, invest your time in these pursuits and you’ll realise how hollow those seemingly golden ideas, offers or opportunities were.

Aries March 20 – April 18

While ordinarily you’d battle to keep certain arrangements going, deep down you fear these won’t work out. Those feelings are correct. Knowing that, resist the temptation to rethink them on your own. If you can’t let them go, ask those you trust for their opinions, then make your decision.

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