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Hadi says new peace plan is against GCC initiative

30-Oct-2016 :

Al Mukalla: Yemen President Abd Rabbo Mansour on Saturday rejected a new UN peace proposal that suggests he takes a figurehead role after passing his powers to a new vice-president as Al Houthis quit cities under their control and hand over arms to the state, aides to Hadi said.

At a meeting with UN envoy, Esmail Ould Shaikh Ahmad, Hadi rejected the proposal since it breaches the UN Security Resolution, National Dialogue Conference and GCC initiative that call upon the rebel movement to leave cities before discussing transfer of power. Last week, the UN envoy presented his proposal to Al Houthis and the ousted president’s supporters in the capital.

Meanwhile, at least two dozens of Al Houthis fighters were killed on Saturday in fierce clashes with the government forces in Nehim district outside the rebel-controlled Sana’a.

Abdullah Al Shandaqi, a spokesperson for Sana’a Resistance, said on Saturday that as many as 24 Al Houthis and renegade army troops loyal to the ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh were killed in heavy battles in Nehim as the government forces are pushing forward to recapture Sana’a from the rebels forces.

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