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Education and social development gets maximum priority in 2017 budget

31-Oct-2016 :

Dubai: Sectors that are directly related with social services received the largest allocation in the 2017 draft budget, which was approved by the UAE Cabinet on Sunday.

The total budget outlay of Dh48.7 billion for 2017 is marginally up from Dh48.55 billion allocated last year. Despite the persistent decline in oil prices the Federal budget outlay has kept pace with the spending plans of previous years.

On an annualised basis the five year allocation of Dh248 billion works out to an average annual spending of Dh49.6 billion is higher by 6.5 per cent compared to Dh46.6 billion of average government spending during the 2014-16 three year budget.

More than half is allocated for social sectors, valued at Dh25.2 billion including general and higher education sector at allocated 20.5 per cent or Dh10.2 billion of the budget outlay.

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