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Candle power lights $60m business

22-Oct-2016 :

WASHINGTON: I generally don’t think of Maryland as a home to manufacturing. But if you drive to Glen Burnie, the Chesapeake Bay Candle factory has 80 full-time employees who are creating an average of more than 500,000 home fragrance candles a month.

Factory tours are one of the most fun parts of this job. I visited Chesapeake Bay’s cavernous $6 million factory on a hot summer day, watching as the two assembly lines churned out their scented glimmers.

The hangar-size factory includes a research-and-development department as well as a darkened quality-control room where samples are tested to ensure that they burn cleanly and evenly (soot is bad).

A flock of workers surround the assembly line, plucking bent-over wicks from the warm, gooey wax and standing them upright so customers can fire them up more easily.

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