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British shorthair wins in first heat at Dubai cat show

30-Oct-2016 :

Dubai: Trophies, ribbons and cat-sized crowns were scooped up by prize felines and their devoted owners at a competition in Dubai on Saturday.

Prince, a large male grey-coloured British shorthair, won best of show in the competition’s first heat, but seemed to shrug off the bracelet-sized tiara placed on his head.

If successful in both rounds, the two-year-old tomcat could go on the list for further competitions held by the World Cat Federation, an umbrella organisation of around 370 cat-loving groups.

“[Winning] was a tough thing,” said Prince’s owner, Zaki Khansaheb, an Emirati cat-breeder. Khansaheb, who is the son of Emirati construction magnate Abdul Aziz Khansaheb, preferred to let his cat’s victory speak for itself.

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