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Breast reconstruction science advances rapidly

23-Oct-2016 :

Dubai: In the UAE, 12 people are diagnosed with cancer every day, of which at least four are women with breast cancer. Each year, almost 4,500 cancer cases are diagnosed and a third of these are breast cancer.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has sounded an alert about cancer cases doubling in the Middle East over the next two decades unless significant steps are taken for its control.

Once breast cancer is detected and there is a need to conduct a mastectomy (partial or full removal of the breast or breasts), the issue of breast reconstruction assumes great significance because the breasts represent a critical aspect of a woman’s self-image and losing one can take a big emotional and psychological toll on her, which is akin to the trauma of an amputation, according to doctors.

There are many reconstruction options available today and a woman can elect to have the reconstruction carried out immediately after the mastectomy to avoid any psychological trauma or weigh her options and do it after treatment is complete, said Dr Allen Rezai, plastic and reconstructive surgeon and managing director of the Dubai Health Care City-based plastic surgery clinic, Elite Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Group.

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