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Bollywood Parks Dubai: The ultimate guide

19-Nov-2016 :

The colourful facades on either side of cobbled streets don’t just cover up the ugly, working parts of the Bollywood Parks Dubai but house retail and dining outlets and attractions. However, it’s the stained glass peacock that catches your eye first and then the murals of Bollywood stars in the entrance rotunda.

You don’t really need to be a Bollywood fan to enjoy the park, though. If you find yourself at a loose end to utilise half a day with the kids or visiting family and friends, then here’s where you can while away the time.

Combined with popular foods from the city of Mumbai – and then some more, at the fine dining restaurant Mughal-E-Azam – the park hopes to draw in a large footfall, mainly tourists.

“Yes, during the week it’ll really be difficult to bring in big crowds. But these parks are not [as such] built for the resident market. They are more for tourists who are either headed directly to Dubai or transiting through the city,” said Thomas Jellum, general manager of Bollywood Parks Dubai.

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