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Applications for 6-month UAE visit visa accepted from abroad



Abu Dhabi: People from outside the UAE can get a six-month multiple-entry visit visa, renewable for another six months by submitting an application through the e-channels system of the Ministry of Interior, an official spokesperson from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) told Gulf News.
The authority clarified that the six-month multiple-entry visit visa is meant for all categories of investors, entrepreneur, talented professionals and outstanding students interested in long-term residency visas.
The six-month multiple entry visas allows them to explore the local UAE markets and initiate their documentation works for the long-term visas.
Public service
This facility is available as a public service that does not require the applicant to sign in. Government officials continue to process such applications since the Cabinet announcement for different categories of long-term five and ten year visas for investors and talented individuals on May 1.
“The purpose of issuing the six-month validity visa with multiple travels is to enable those wishing to apply for a long term residency visas to visit UAE and explore the available opportunities in terms of investment, scientific researches and creation,” the official said.
Thus they can take the decision of applying for a residency visa or not.
Those who get this visa will be treated as residents, regarding the issuance of Emirates ID cards so that they could be able to complete investment procedures and all transactions required under the category of application, he said.
Ultimately, they can get a long term visa after satisfying the established requirements [for each category], he added.
Responding to Gulf News queries, the official stated that “the submitted applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of members of the relevant government ministries and authorities.”

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