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Abandoned cars drive residents up the wall in Sharjah

20-Oct-2016 :

Sharjah: Abandoned cars are eating into the parking spaces of a busy neighbourhood in Sharjah.

Those living in the popular Buhaira Corniche area say a surge in the number of vehicles dumped in their area in recent times have left them with barely any space to park their cars overnight.

The sandy stretch adjacent to the busy Novo Cinemas, Buhaira on the Corniche street has been the nightly home to hundreds of vehicles for years but for weeks now, residents say, it has turned into a dumping yard for scores of unused cars.

“Our cars are being squeezed out of our parking areas,” says Arif Shah, a longtime resident of the Abdul Aziz Al Majid building nearby. “Previously finding a parking during the nights used to be a tricky affair but now thanks to these abandoned cars it’s become a round the clock problem,” adds the Pakistani banking executive.

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