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A reunion that resulted in ground-breaking business venture

22-Oct-2016 :

Abu Dhabi: It is not every day that you are reunited with a school friend you have not seen in more than 10 years, connect immediately and embark on a revolutionary business venture, manufacturing a product that can change standards across the Middle East. But that’s exactly what happened to Dr Hisa Nasser Lootah and Lamis Harib.

The two 30-year-old Emiratis from Dubai were reunited over a year ago and after extensive discussions realised they were both passionate about starting an innovative environmentally-friendly business involving non-toxic biotechnical solutions, and so they joined forces.

“The technology used to create our products is revolutionary. They are completely different from the traditional disinfectants. They are chemical-free and they sterilise,” said Dr Lootah.

“We are really excited because we will be manufacturing these German products, which are standard changers, right here in the UAE,” said Harib.

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