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5-times a day attendance tracker draws ire in Saudi Arabia

20-Oct-2016 :

Manama: A decision by the mayor of Madinah region in western Saudi Arabia to have the employees use the fingerprint reader five times a day to authenticate their presence at the workplace has caused controversy.

The more than 2,000 employees on Monday received an email informing that they needed to prove their attendance throughout the seven working hours by using the fingerprint reader when they arrive, then at 9.30am, at 10.30am, at 11.45am and upon leaving.

If an employee does not use the reader on the three designated times between his arrival and departure, he will be considered absent for three hours and his salary will be deducted accordingly, and if he does not sign in or sign off, he will be considered absent the full day.

The employees were told that the new attendance-tracking system would be applied starting on Tuesday.

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