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10 ways to book cheap holiday flights

26-Oct-2016 :

Airfare is often the most expensive component of a holiday budget, although they remain unavoidable. Finding cheap tickets to favourite destinations always seems to be a tough task, but with detailed planning and research, one can actually pull out a coup by landing a good airfare deal.

Airfares change dynamically based on several factors like days, months, seasons, booking availability, type of airline, upcoming festivals, special promotions, discounts and offers, and so on, say the folk at the travel booking website HolidayMe.

However, by following a few steps, along with careful planning and research, one can surely get the best flight deals.They offer a few nifty steps to book cheap flight tickets.

1. Go incognito

Always use incognito mode or private browsing while looking for airfares to the selected destination. The cookies enabled by browsers are traceable by travel websites, and they tend to increase the fares automatically for repeatedly searched routes and flights. Opting for incognito mode or private browsing provides you a clearer picture without keeping a track of searches.

2. Comparison sites are a must

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