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Jobs in Dubai & Dubai Careers

Dubai Jobs & Careers, UAE

IT, banking, real estate, sales, HR, designers, developers, hotel, hospitality, construction, engineering part time, full time, weekend & professional jobs.

Latest Jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Other Emirates

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Accounting Jobs in Dubai, UAE (706)

Accounting jobs in Dubai include jobs for accountants, billing specialists, auditors, bookkeepers, controllers, financial analysts and many others.

Banking & Finance Jobs in Dubai, UAE (480)

Banking and finance jobs in Dubai include jobs for relationship manager, financial manager, director, advisor, analyst, teller, telemarketer and more.

Information Technology (IT) Jobs in Dubai, UAE (723)

IT Jobs in Dubai programmers, graphic designers, system analysts, systems managers, hardware and software engineers, database administrators, network administrators and data communications analysts and support specialists. Many of the IT companies in Dubai are located in Dubai Internet City.

Engineering & Technical Jobs in Dubai, UAE (464)

Engineering jobs in Dubai include jobs for civil, mechanical, electrical and biotech engineers. Experience in low rise and high rise projects are required. Engineers with exposure to land reclamation, mass transit systems and airports are also required.

Education & Training Jobs in Dubai, UAE (519)

With a large number of schools, there are plenty of well-paid teaching jobs in Dubai. Instruction in public schools is in Arabic while in private schools it is in English. Teaching and educational jobs in Dubai include jobs for teachers, teaching assistants, professors and research staff and more. These jobs can be found in educational institutions in Dubai Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Village.

Medical & Health Care Jobs in Dubai, UAE (456)

Medical and health care jobs in Dubai include jobs for physicians, surgeons, dentists, registered nurses and physical therapists These positions generally require university education and often post-graduate degrees or a specialization in a particular field.
Professionals and technical staff that provide support services related to medical records and information processing are also required. Some positions such as nursing aids, janitors, medical and dental assistants are support service providers with limited to no specialized training. Many of these jobs are located in Dubai Healthcare City.

Recruitment & Human Resources (HR) Jobs in Dubai, UAE (631)

Human resouce jobs in Dubai include jobs for recruiters, headhunters, HR managers, executives and assistants.

Customer Service & Secretary Jobs in Dubai, UAE (769)

Customer service jobs in Dubai include jobs for relationship managers, guest service assistants, customer service associates, tour specialists, receptionists, front desk managers, call center agents, customer service directors, supervisors and more.

Management Jobs in Dubai, UAE (607)

Managers and high caliber executives are in demand in Dubai. Management jobs in Dubai include jobs for managerial, executive or consultant positions.

Senior Level & Consulting Jobs in Dubai, UAE (111)

With plenty of medium and large companies in need of office support & consultant, these jobs in Dubai include jobs for business and office support personals, administration jobs, office managment, bookkeeping, typing services, consultants and more.

Construction & Civil Jobs in Dubai, UAE (87)

Construction jobs in Dubai include jobs for architects, managers, engineers, masons, carpenters, welders, cutters, forklift, heavy equipment jobs and many more.

Maintenance & Operations Jobs in Dubai, UAE (151)

Maintenance & Operations Jobs in Dubai include jobs for technical helpers, quality control supervisors, technicians, inspection coordinators, general supervisors, security agents, production assistants and more.

Sales / Retail Jobs in Dubai, UAE (696)

There are plenty of opportunities for sales professionals in Dubai. Many of these include jobs for sales director, sales managers, sales executives, business development executive, business development manager and more.

Marketing &/ Public Relations Jobs in Dubai, UAE (523)

There are plenty of job opportunities for marketing and public relations professionals in Dubai.
Many of these include jobs for marketing director, marketing managers, marketing executive, marketing coordinator, marketing assistant, advertising managers, ads accounts executive, market researcher, telemarketers, promotional staff and others.

Hospitality, Tourism & Travel Jobs in Dubai, UAE (1542)

Hospitality, tourism, travel and hotel jobs in Dubai include positions for hotel managers, general office jobs, cooks, waiters & waitresses, bartenders, counter workers, maintenance workers, restaurant jobs and many more.

Transportation & Logistics Jobs in Dubai, UAE (525)

Logistics jobs in Dubai include jobs for logistics managers, operation support controllers, demand managers, export administrators, inventory controllers, shipping & warehouse executives, supply chain managers, coordinators and more.

Oil, Gas & Petroleum Jobs in Dubai, UAE (78)

Oil & gas jobs in Dubai include jobs for foremen, field engineers, drillers, training specialists, fabrication supervisors, geotechnical engineers, estimators, engine assembly technicians and more.

Others & UnSkilled Jobs in Dubai, UAE (39)

There are several jobs opportunities for unskilled individuals too in Dubai.

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