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Emirates ID - EIDA FAQS

Emirates ID, UAE national ID, EIDA Registration & Appointment FAQS

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UAE EIDA Registration Application Information


Website : Call centre number : 600523432
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 Q.  Are the RTA offices and Immigration offices included?
 A.  This form can be fully filled and printed without the need to drop it at any other location, once done please make sure you have all the require official documents and visit any of Emirates Identity Authority Center. If your question was about our locations then you can visit the website and click on Registration centers and you shall find the centers details including Google Map.
 Q.  Consequences of not registering on time?
 A.  Please download and read the Enrollment Strategy Document.
 Q.  Upgrade your appointment system?
 A.  EIDA is the first ever Government organization to offer appointment system to get services. And our appointment system was updated on November 17th, 2008. The appointment is not a mandatory requirement for registration. And it was slow to due to the pre-registration application demand. As an add-on service we have offered only half of the registration center capacity to the appointment system, and since it was launched in July 2008 almost all the appointments in major centers has been fully booked. As such walk-in is the only solution now to get registered and our centers open from 7:30 Am. And we are not responsible for people waiting in queue prior to this time.
 Q.  Please clarify who will be liable to bear the payment of our EIDA registration fee, is it our Employer or we employees?
 A.  EIDA is executioner of the Law; and as per the Decree # 9 of 2006, we are suppose to collect fees from each individual, and thus it's not EIDA responsibility to decide who is liable for this fees. Some companies paid for their employees, some paid 50% some 100%, and some did not pay any. So no mandate forces the Employer to pay the fees for his employees but he is responsible by LAW to make sure they have registered.
 Q.  Please advise to me how I apply the EIDA and please send the Application?
 A.  Please download and read the registration process document.
 Q.  I have kids below 15 years old (daughters have 9 years and son 5 years) do they have to register?
 A.  Please we need to distinguish between registration and obtaining/issuing an ID Card. The LAW says all ages are mandated to register and it's the responsibility of the household to make sure that this takes place; but the issuing of the ID Card is optional for Kids below 15, thus they must come to EIDA center with the application form and register, we recommend to issue an ID Card for the kids as some services going to be enabled through it (feed of registering kids below 15 is free, but fees for issuing ID Card is 50 AED for all kids below 15 regardless of nationality)
 Q.  After Applying for the Pre-registration form with Emirates Post Office; how many days it will take to receive the call for appointment?
 A.  Emirates Post Office are not responsible to set appointment, it's an electronic online system and individual must check the system for availability if any, else come to the nearest center on walk-in basis.
 Q.  I arrived in the UAE approximately 3 months ago. Once I received my residency about 4 weeks ago, I applied for my wife. However, her application is still in process. I was wondering what will happen if she is issued her residency after the December 31, 2008 deadline. Can you please clarify?
 A.  Emirates Identity Authority registers residents with valid residency permit only, thus if you expect that her application will take long, then you need to register alone and then when she obtain her residency she will be welcomed to come and register even if its after the end of this year.
 Q.  Who is included to register and what are the deadlines?
 A.  Please refer to the attached Enrollment strategy document, and if you are still having doubt then we recommend that you come and register, we do not send anybody back that desire to register regardless of their professional status.
 Q.  I am a resident with UAE resident visa having a freezone company in Ajman. I read on your website that those with resident visa need this ID card before 1st Jan 2011? Is this true?
 A.  Fines set by the LAW shall not apply on residents until the end of 2010, but registration shall be aligned with EIDA strategy according to the category it specify and the allocated timeframe. So far we have the support of many government, semi-government and private sector that will require the ID Card from individual after their registration deadline expire in support for this national initiative. As for UAE Nationals, by Law no services shall be provided to them without the ID Card starting Jan 1st, 2009.
 Q.  Can you supply my organization with the Mobile registration service?
 A.  Unfortunately we have long queue of organizations already since August 2008, and we are trying to commit to this service but with the rush and the deadline approaching, we are not going to be able to provide the service to new request until 2009.
 Q.  I and others waited in queue since very early in the morning, and finally your staff tells us we need to have an appointment, please clarify?
 A.  Things were misunderstood by applicants at the centers, our staff asked to:
  • Check the appointment system and the number of applicants scheduled to come in based on appointments.
  • Subtract this appointment based applicant's number from the daily maximum registration capacity of the center; normally it will represent 50-60 % of the capacity.
  • Start providing the maximum walk-in applicants they can handle based on capacity with a queue slips and inform these applicants about the approximate waiting time.
  • After reaching the maximum daily capacity, they are obliged to inform the remaining walk-in people that they can't be served and maximum capacity has been reached.
  • Finally our staff must make sure that no one in the line is having an appointment, so they announce, only people with appointment should come forward.
Because people are frustrated to wait in queues from 2:00Am, knowing that we open our doors at 7:30Am. Our staff inform these frustrated applicants that this situation could have been avoided if they came forward earlier in July 2008 when we announced the registration for professional category, or to take an appointment if possible, and finally to come as a walk-in another day.

So we apologies for any inconvenient and our advice is to patiently continue trying, and we shall as usual do our best to accommodate the maximum possible applicants, keeping in mind improving our customer service skills and processes.
 Q.  I am an expatriate with a Resident Visa in Dubai. My children (7 and 9 years old) do not have a passport of their own. They are in the parent's passport. The children are under my sponsorship. I don't want a separate ID card for them. Do the children need their own passport and visa sticker or can we register them with their parent's passport only?
 A.  According to the GDNR Law you will have to separate them for residency renewals, thus we have respected this regulation and we only accept applicants with dedicated passport and residency sticker. Even if you don't desire to issue an ID Card for them, note that registration is mandatory. And we recommend you issue an ID Card for them.
 -Emirates Identity Authority
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