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Say Goodbye To Heartburn & Indigestion This Ramadan With Gaviscon


(ME NewsWire)During Ramadan eating habits change dramatically. Unfortunately the change in eating routine tends to trigger the uncomfortable symptoms of heartburn and indigestion. Irregular eating habits, large meals, eating before bedtime and eating on the run, are all common causes that lead to indigestion and heartburn, and regrettably eating large meals occurs during Ramadan.

The Iftar meal often includes a selection of fatty and spicy foods, which are traditionally followed by mint tea. Fatty foods tend to stay in the stomach for a longer time and release gastric acids that cause heartburn and indigestion. The mint in the tea also increase the acid secretions in the stomach. Smoking also leads to indigestion and heartburn.

The symptoms of heartburn are generally described as a burning sensation in the chest area which can reach up to the throat and, which is known in the medical terms as Reflux like Dyspepsia. In some cases in addition to the acidic sensation in the chest and the throat. Indigestion pain can be felt in the stomach, causing nausea with bloating and uncomfortable feeling, Dyspepsia.

If you are suffering from heartburn or Indigestion, you should try relieving your symptoms with Gaviscon. The easy-to-take medicine works by forming a layer on top of the stomach contents. The layer acts as a strong physical barrier, buffer action against the hyperacidity in the stomach and the esophagus.

As medicines can't be taken during fasting, Gaviscon can be taken as a preventative directly after the Suhour meal. Gaviscon gives you instant relief and will continue to work for up to four hours compared to food discomfort which will normally last from 2-4  hours after eating.

Dr Mohamed El Nounou Says: “During this time of year I receive many complaints associated to indigestion and heartburn. The delicious food that we enjoy combined with the time that people eat often have unpleasant side-effects. As a remedy I recommend Gaviscon as well as advising changing some of the eating habits”.

Gaviscon Original is available in three different forms: Gaviscon Peppermint Liquid Relief, Gaviscon Aniseed Liquid Relief and Gaviscon Peppermint tablets.



PR Date :  19-Aug-2010 

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