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Dubai, UAE – 22 July 2019 - The world is facing a great environmental crisis and it's out of the mass's unconsciousness of the true extents of the changes and deprivation that is happening in our planet. Ayala Land, one of the biggest real estate developers in the Philippines, has taken the initiative to build a greener community for everyone to enjoy. Since 2007, Ayala Land has been pioneering numerous campaigns that highlight sustainability and efficient environmental actions.

In 2017, Ayala Land announced an aggressive plan to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in its commercial properties and aims to be carbon neutral by 2022. The company also transformed the sustainability framework from 5 Pillars to Four Focus Areas following our materiality process. These Four Focus Areas serve as measures to sustainability performance that provide a comprehensive discussion on how they embed sustainability in the way they conduct the business: Site Resilience, Pedestrian and Transit connectivity, Eco-Efficiency and Local and Economic Development. Their developments are designed with these Four Focus Areas in mind.
The UAE has been home to many of the Filipinos over the years. Its government managed to establish strong ties between the UAE and the growing community of Filipino expatriates and bi-cultural families living in the region. Ayala Land has built homes and estates not just for Filipinos but for who are willing to spend their time in the Philippines.

Championing synchronicity, Ayala Land puts you at the core of a visionary destination attuned with contemporary lifestyles. Accessibility remains the key advantage of ARCA South through the Philippine government's infrastructure program of creating a direct link from the Skyway. The estate also has its own stop in the latest Mega Manila subway.

74 hectares of mixed-use development presents a quality of life with myriad opportunities for growth – best estate practices, diverse retail options, residential developments, and an intermodal transport system.

Efficient urban planning integrates green spaces and refreshing streetscapes throughout the district. An integrated basement parking frees the streets, increasing pedestrianization and connectivity. Through a centralized operation system; traffic, power, and security management are attuned to the needs of the community.

Weekends are sure to be fun filled at the outdoor playground where kids can hang out and couples can spend some quality time.
Dedicated jogging paths, bike lanes, and open spaces allow fitness enthusiasts and athletes to regularize their daily exercise.
Ayala Land is the Philippines' most experienced real estate developer, with roots tracing back to 1834, Ayala Land's legacy was built on the vision of its founders and through the generations of leaders who recognized unique opportunities for transformation. Ayala Land sees steady growth in building sustainable communities with Ayala Land Premier maintaining its dominant position in the luxury segment, and Alveo cementing its position as the market leader in the upscale segment. Ayala Land also continues to grow its leasing business through commercial, retail, and office spaces, resorts and hotels and the launch of Seda hotels, the first all-Filipino hotel chain for the urban traveler. New business such as QualiMed, continue to enhance the sustainable communities that underpin Ayala Land's operations as it enters new growth centers.

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