Dubai Gets Ready To Rise With The World's Biggest Music & Lantern Festival



Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Monday, 15 July 2019: RiSE, one of the world's most visually stunning festivals, will leave its spiritual home in the Mojave Desert this November, as it heads to the sand dunes of Dubai for a magical day-to-night experience of live music and lantern lighting.

RiSE, which has sold out every year since it was first held in 2014, brings people of all ages, nationalities, religions and cultures together with an unforgettable festival experience that culminates in the spectacular release of thousands of lanterns into the clear night sky.
As RiSE's community of festival go-ers has grown, so has its focus on sustainability and the environment. All RiSE's lanterns are custom engineered and contain no plastic or metal. RiSE is also proud of its "Leave It Better Than We Found It" policy, which means every, 100% biodegradable, lantern that is released is retrieved from the surrounding desert - along with any pre-existing litter that is found in the area post-event. It is a process that has been successfully implemented after every festival hosted in the US and will be mirrored as part of RiSE's commitment to sustainability in Dubai.

"People want unique and incredible experiences that leave them feeling refreshed and uplifted. That's RiSE," said co-founder, Dan Hill. "RiSE creates great emotional connections between people. It champions tolerance and unity and gives a voice to our hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations. RiSE shares so much in common with the vision of Dubai that we couldn't think of a better place on earth to host our first international festival."

Since its first festival in 2014, over 100,000 people have experienced RiSE's lantern releases, helping it gain a reputation for being one of the most Instagram-able events on the planet, whilst attracting some of Hollywood's hottest actors, musicians and influencers with its authenticity and breath-taking vistas.
For more information or to pre-register for early bird tickets visit

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