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Amazing Musical Performances At Historic Jeddah Season

The Historic Jeddah Season which successfully opened on June 8, 2019, aims to attract visitors to learn more about the culture, heritage and history of Jeddah. Along with the workshops, art and craft exhibits and other enjoyable shows, there are musical performances to entertain all guests visiting the Season. Daily fascinating music shows are held by the main stage at the Baraha located near the Ministry of Culture office, where local artists are being hosted.
At the shows, an eclectic blend of a variety of musical instruments such as the Oud, Guitar or Tabla complemented by the Saxophone, mesmerizes the audiences with its impeccable sound, rhythm and synchronization.

The local artists are extremely talented and deliver outstanding performances, leaving the visitors in awe, yearning for more. Some of the performers at the Historic Jeddah Season are musical bands like Farabi and Note Wasel along with others, showcasing their adept talent for visitors to enjoy. These musical performances combine authentic art with modern music to create a unique art piece of entertainment, transporting you to a completely different world. You can catch the shows daily between 9:15pm to 11:00pm, until the end of the season.


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