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Engineered For You: Dyson Introduces Two New Machines, Designed For You With Your Well-Being In Mind

June 19, 2019 – DUBAI - Today Dyson launched new home technology in the United Arab Emirates that gives you control over many of the factors that impact your wellbeing, including the air you breathe and the light you’re exposed to.

”As a technology company, Dyson’s investment in research and development aims to improve the way everyday products work. Our new Dyson LightcycleTM task light and Dyson Pure Cool MeTM personal purifying fan are two great examples of how we are transforming everyday products to enhance the well-being and comfort of our customers. Both these products offer leading-edge hardware and software technologies that are a first in their segment,” said Jake Dyson, Chief Lighting Engineer.

“Dyson invests in science and technology to improve the way everyday products work. By combining hardware and software, we develop intelligent machines that solve real problems and support your well-being”, he continued.

From whole room purifiers and humidifiers that kill 99.9% of the bacteria in the water to hair tools that protect hair from extreme heat damage, to fast, hygienic hand dryers, and vacuums that feature whole machine filtration, Dyson has long focused on solving problems that affect people in meaningful ways. New technology allows these machines to give you even greater control of your personal surroundings and environment. Whether you want to cool the space near your bed while you sleep or are concerned about the quality of your light, Dyson now offers new solutions for you.

Dyson Pure Cool MeTM personal purifying fan

The Dyson Pure Cool Me TM personal purifying fan is Dyson’s first personal air treatment machine. Featuring Dyson’s air filtration and air projection technologies, the compact machine is a perfect fit for your personal space — whether beside your bed, on your desk, or in a nursery.

A recent Dyson survey revealed that less than 1 in 5 UAE residents are aware of the problems posed by indoor air pollution. In the bedroom, where we can spend up to one-third of our lives, we may find pollutants from personal care products like cosmetics, hair spray, perfume, or scented candles. In fact, according to Dyson, about 67% of UAE residents were unaware that hair spray can be a cause of indoor air pollution. The Dyson Pure Cool Me TM personal purifying fan captures these pollutants and delivers cleaner air within your personal space.

It does this by using Dyson’s new Core FlowTM technology which creates a steady stream of purified air and directs airflow precisely where needed. The unique HEPA also captures 99.95% of ultrafine particles such as pollen, mould spores and bacteria, and activated carbon absorbs and traps gases, odours and household fumes.

The dome at the top of the machine also allows control over the precise angle of the airflow and features 70-degree oscillation for greater customization. It is also acoustically engineered to be as quiet as possible, following over 1000 tests by Dyson’s acoustic engineers.
Last but not least, the Pure Cool Me personal purifying fan is equipped with an intelligent light sensing system to blend in with the surrounding environment. A sleep timer can be set so the machine will turn off after preset intervals ranging from 30 minutes to 8 hours.

Dyson LightcycleTM task light
Today, we spend up to 90% of our time indoors and thanks to artificial light often prolong our activity after sunset, which makes the colour and intensity of artificial light extremely important to our wellbeing and comfort.

The Dyson LightcycleTM task light continually adjusts its colour temperature and brightness in relation to local daylight, providing the right light for the right time of day. It uses a unique time, date, and location-driven algorithm to calculate the colour temperature and brightness of daylight, anywhere in the world. The product is the result of over 2 years of development, with more than 892 prototypes made and more than 90 engineers involved.

Additionally, the Dyson LightcycleTM task light is designed to improve visual acuity. Even if we don’t notice it directly, low light, flicker and glare can cause eye strain and visual fatigue. The Dyson LightcycleTM task light provides a uniform pool of high-quality, powerful light with more than 1,000 Lux brightness, combined with glare protection and low optical flicker, surpassing recommended levels for studying.

It is also engineered to maintain light quality for a whopping sixty years. While local daylight tracking offers several benefits, if a light loses its brightness or colour temperature over time, its ability to track daylight is diminished. Light bulbs, or light fixtures with a short lifespan, can also contribute to waste.

To prevent fading and discolouration, Dyson engineers used the same technology often used in satellites, allowing the Lightcycle to maintain its brightness and light quality for 60 years.
More importantly, the Lightcycle is primed to deliver a customized and personalized environment for different tasks and moods. The Dyson Link app continually communicates with the light to adjust output for age, task, daily routine, and local daylight. It also has pre-set modes: Study, Relax, Precision, Boost, Wake-up, Sleep and Away to provide the right light for the right task. Additionally, it’s possible to pre-programme and assign names for up to 20 different light settings to suit your task or mood.

About Dyson
• Dyson is a global technology company with engineering and testing operations in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and the UK. Dyson employs over 12,000 people globally including 4,500 engineers and scientists – with an increasing proportion in South East Asia where production and operations also take place.
• Dyson is realising ambitious plans to develop new technologies with global teams focused solid state battery cells, high-speed electric motors, vision systems, machine learning technologies, and A.I.
• Dyson’s 67-acre campus in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, UK, is home to the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology, which opened in September 2017. Dyson is making a £31m investment into UK higher education to help overcome the shortage of engineers in the UK. The four year degree programme, free of tuition fees, covers the fundamentals of engineering in years one and two. It delivers electronics and mechanical engineering content in years three and four – all alongside a paid job within Dyson’s research and development team, working on real products, with leading engineers and scientists.
• In September 2017 Dyson announced that it had been working on a battery electric vehicle for three years. It announced that it would be investing £2bn into the development of the BEV for launch in 2021. The project builds on Dyson’s existing expertise in solid state batteries, motors, vision systems, robotics, HVAC and aerodynamics.


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