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Ceo Of Etihad Esco Ali Al Jassim Statement On World Water Day 2018

Dubai, March 21 2018 - “We remain steadfast in our commitment to encourage communities through leading by examples to adopt a positive approach to the rational use of water in their daily lives. Conservation of our precious energy resources is one of the greatest challenges in our journey towards sustainable development and any form of progress is futile if not sustainable. The idea of ‘World Water Day’ becomes even more poignant in these times when conservation of water and energy have become the main pillars of this transformation towards sustainable development. This is only possible if various communities and stakeholders in our society adopt energy conservation principles as part of their core values. Etihad ESCO is committed to promoting the responsible use of natural resources, thereby contributing to finding solutions to limit usage, and achieve development that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.”


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