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11.8 Bn Revenue From E-Dirham Services During 2017

Dubai, 05 March 2018:The federal government revenue collected through e-Dirham reached AED 11,809,743,485.64 in 2017, compared to AED 7,841,212,059.41 in 2016 – representing a 51% increase. The number of service transactions completed through the e-Dirham system amounted to 51,509,666 transactions in 2017, while the total number of receipts reached 22,625,472 in 2017. The total number of e-Dirham cards issued amounted to 3,135,518 during Q4 2017 compared to 2,413,794 cards in Q4 2016, representing a 30% increase. HE Saeed Rashid Al Yateem, Assistant Undersecretary of Resources and Budget Sector at MoF stressed the Ministry of Finance’s commitment to provide all statistics and results related to the e-Dirham system. HE then clarified that these data help in further developing the e-Dirham system, sharing the necessary information with the federal government to aid in decision making and drive development in the government financial sector. HE continued: “The e-Dirham system is characterized by its flexible platforms which easily integrate with e-government services, offering scalable and unlimited options to merge with the latest payment service applications. The e-Dirham cards are a way of paying for government services across different channels including the mobile app, digital wallet, the website and the self-service kiosks; whereby in 2017the revenue of over 40 million services has been collected through the e-Dirham system for federal and local entities linked to the system.” The e-Dirham’s call center provides continuous services to customers, and in 2017 the center handled 161,563 thousand calls and inquiries. More than 90% of the calls were successfully responded to. Additionally, the average execution time of any transaction processed through the e-Dirham system is about one second. HE Al Yateem added: “The e-Dirham system is line with the Ministry’s strategy and objectives to shift to smart government services and implement innovative solutions regarding e-payment and e-collection of service fees. Some of the main objectivesare to increase efficiency and effectiveness of financial systems and the cash flow management process of the federal government according to best practices.” Hana Al Rostamani, Head of Consumer Banking Group at FAB said: “Our cooperation with the Ministry of Finance with regards to the e-Dirham system is a strategic partnership that transcends the boundaries of conventional banking services and products by providing innovative ideas, tools and experiences to customers. More than 22 million receipts were processed in 2017 for over 47 million services, representing a 14% increase compared to 2016.” Since its launch in 2001, the e-Dirham system has achieved a number of significant results, with a great performance in 2017 and a figure exceeding 11bn AED. Several ministries and federal and local entities have adopted the e-Dirham system as a cashless payment channel in addition to a number of private entities and printing offices. The system’s popularity confirms customer confidence in the smart services provided by the Ministry of Finance.

About e-Dirham: The e-Dirham system is an initiative launched by the UAE Ministry of Finance in 2001, to provide an official electronic payment platform for collection of revenues and service fees of governmental and semi-governmental institutions. e-Dirham is a cashless payment system that adopts efficient, secure, state- of-the-art and world-class technologies; the first step in creating an e-government in the UAE. Since its launch, e-Dirham continues to innovate with the necessary upgrades needed to meet the aspirations and needs of its customers - both governmental institutions as well as individuals. In 2011, e-Dirham launched its second generation avatar, in collaboration with banking partner, the First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB). This enhanced the capabilities of the system by benefiting from FAB’s pioneering experience in electronic payment and revenue collection. e-Dirham is now characterized by its compatibility with global networks and methods of payment. The system’s flexible platforms easily integrate with e-government services, offering scalable and unlimited options to merge with the latest payment service applications. In line with the UAE’s move towards Smart government, e-Dirham systems support the latest mobile applications, offering the e-Wallet and payment through various other channels. The variety of choices and channels include the ‘Al Haslah’ pre-paid cards, ATM/CDM machines, POS terminals, e-commerce payment systems over the internet and through smart phones, as well as self-service e-kiosks. These meet the needs of all types and classes of end-users and corporate, while the channels are compatible with global payment methods including ‘Visa’. e-Dirham is especially characterised by its affordable cost, as compared with other methods of payment. Low, fixed amounts are charged for services like fee payments and topping up the e-Dirham pre-paid card. The system ensures full protection for all parties associated in a transaction.


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