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Al Manhal Launches Academia Arabia Library

Academia ArabiaLibrary turns all eyes on information, research and technology from the Arab and Islamic Worlds. Stemming from a commitment to improve and modernize research and publishing standards in the Middle East, comes the launch of Academia Arabia Library; a membership-based library for readers and researchers interested in scholarly and scientific publications from the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The new platformoffersmembers unlimited access to a growing database of hundreds of thousands of full-text searchable e-books, journal articles, research reports and theses and dissertations from the leading research and publishing houses across the Middle East and Asia. The majority of the documents in the library are in Arabic Language, but also include English, French, Hebrew, Deutsch, Melayu, Russian, Sindhi, Spanish, Turkish and Urdu. “Academia Arabia Libraryis designed to foster online reading and publishing of Arabic scholarly content. It is aninnovative digital content library created with the vision of offering Arabic readers and content consumers a cost-effectivewayto access trusted Arabic publications that supports the legal and financial requirements of the Arab publishing industry”, explains Mohamad Al-Baghdadi, CEO of Al Manhal. “We are constantly being contacted by individuals around the world asking how to access our institutional databases. After years of only providing universities and schools with subscription-based access to ourcollections, we clearly see theneed to provide a similar service to a global community of readers interested in Arabic content.” Academia Arabia Library provides its members with instant and unlimited access to Arabicmaterials across 30 subjects. In addition to online access, members can download books to their devices, as well as publish, share and track their research across the library member community. In order to meet the different needs and budgets of individual users, Academia Arabia Library, offers different membership plans: monthly, 3 months, 9 months, and annual plans.

About Al Manhal | Founded in 2010, Al Manhal provides a reliable, transparent and efficient platform to enable the publishing community in the Arab world to maximize the regional and global exposure of their intellectual assets and in turn generate income streams to fund research activities. The platform empowers the academic and research communities with cost effective access to the region's high quality academic and professional research content through access to the most advanced research tools to search and interact with Arabic documents. All “founding members” that sign up to Academia Arabia Library: during the launch phase will receive a 25% launch discount.


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