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2Nd Panel Discussion (Waste To Energy)

Session draws on experiences of leading experts to highlight the Waste to Energy Matrix “The concept of Waste-to-Energy is a fast growing and important concept which involves the generation of energy in the form of heat or electricity from waste. It is an emerging innovative set of technologies aimed at better sustenance of the environment, with minimum damage to the ecosystems. With these technologies developing by day and their acceptance increasing amongst households and industrial set-ups worldwide, waste to energy will soon be and should become one of the common development tools for a sustainable nation” said Mrs Habiba Al Mar’ashi, Chairperson EEG at the recently held Panel discussion. Waste to Energy is one topic that is garnering a lot of interest within the realm of responsible waste management and energy production. Experts, thought leaders and practitioners across the world are deliberating on the need, means and benefits of integrating sustainable practices of managing waste along with producing renewable forms of energy. Realising the importance of this important technology, the country’s leading environmental group EEG and regional think tank Arabia CSR Network co- organised this one of a kind event. The panel discussion on ‘Waste to Energy: Future of Powerwas held in association with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and supported by the Emirates Green Building Council and the Clean Energy Business Council. The session was hosted byFour Points by Sheraton on the 18thof April 2017. The aim of the event was to share insights, experiences and recommendations on how to ensure successful and sustainable waste to energy projects and mobilise commitment from various sectors. The panel was opened by MrsAl Mar’ashi, who said: “In order to achieve effective recycling and avoid landfilling of waste, education and infrastructure are needed to implement waste separation at source. The Society and industry need to be educated, and given the infrastructure to segregate at source.” The session included experts from various establishments such as the Ministry of Energy, Dubai Municipality, The Neutral Group and companies implementing Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC. The presentation from Dubai Municipalityand the Ministry focused on the need for this technology within the Country and at a national level. The speakers also shared valuable insights on the mandates and regulations put in place for such projects. The speaker from established Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability spoke about their flagship project, Al Qusais landfill which is under the jurisdiction of Dubai Municipality, and is currently the only landfill in the Middle East to produce power from landfill gas. She shared that their goal is not to create more landfills but to optimise the existing ones and create a source of power for the long term. GESS supports the vision of Dubai Municipality to create a sustainable future and better life for the citizens of Dubai The Neutral Group discussed the essential steps to designing a sustainable waste to energy project, some common mistakes, and some case studies showing how much money can really be saved and madeby going green. EEG a renowned and established organisation within the region is best known for its range of community engagement activities and for facilitating action programmes for building awareness and creating a culture of sustainable behaviour. Through such panel discussions EEG provides a platform to expert business and government leaders and influential academics and researchers, to share their knowledge and findings with the community at large and the latest ground-breaking technologies, solutions and future plans to promote an informed sustainable society. The session saw participants ranging from a number of sectors and industries, including: Oil and gas, aviation, facilities management, catering, consultancy, education, food and packaging, trading and several others. Mrs. Al Mar’ashi moderated the event and thanked the speakers and the audience for their active participation, interest and contributions. She aptly summarized the core of developing a sustainable Waste to Energy project as being knowledge, understanding and responsible behavior from all stakeholders and the society at large.

Emirates Environmental Group (EEG): EEG is a professional working group established in 1991 devoted to protecting the environment through the means of education, action programs and community involvement. The organization is open to men and women of all nationalities. EEG is actively encouraged and supported by concerned local and federal government agencies. It is the first environmental NGO in the world to be ISO 14001 certified and the only organization of its kind in the UAE with accredited status to the United Nations Convention to Combating Desertification (UNCCD) and the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), EEG is the member of the UN Global Compact, the International Union of Conservation for Nature (IUCN) and the GEF-CSO Network. For more information contact us: email:; Tel: 04-3448622; Fax: 04-3448677 and please visit our bi-lingual website: Follow us on FB: eeg.uae; Twitter: eeg_uae; Instagram: EEG_DUBAI


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