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Soma Messenger Releases Security Updates For Android And Ios


SAN FRANCISCO, September 20, 2015 – SOMA Messenger, the world’s fastest and free HD video, voice and messaging service, recently released security updates for Android and iOS, further strengthening the app’s security and privacy protections for the millions of users enjoying SOMA Messenger’s unparalleled features to communicate with friends and loved ones around the world.

“SOMA Messenger is completely secure, safe, and private, and these updates offer users even more confidence that they can safely enjoy the app’s many exciting features wherever they are, whenever they want,” said Lei Guo, Founder and CEO of SOMA Messenger. “Protecting our users’ privacy is a top priority at SOMA Messenger, and we are committed to continuing to make the necessary updates to ensure it remains the fastest, most reliable, and safest messenger app in the world.”

SOMA Messenger was built from the ground up using industry-leading technology backed by exhaustive testing to protect user privacy. The new updates include optimization of the messenger’s secure encryption algorithm – a combination of 2048-bit RSA and 256-bit AES, and one of the most secure algorithms used in the market today.

The recent updates build on SOMA Messenger’s existing strict security and privacy policies and features. These security measures have always applied to all messages, including voice and video calls, texts, images, or voice messages, everywhere in the world. These protections include:

All messages, no matter where they come from or where they are sent, are permanently deleted immediately after delivery.

Undelivered messages expire and are permanently deleted after seven days.

Messages are never stored on SOMA Messenger servers or in any cloud after they are deleted.

User contacts are all encrypted, and phone numbers stored in users’ address books cannot be seen by SOMA Messenger.

In addition to the encryption optimization, the recent updates included removal of redundant permissions requested of users for the app to run and the ability for users to share their location, videos, and contacts, exciting new features requested by users around the world. SOMA Messenger asks for only the essential user permissions required - and no more. In fact, SOMA Messenger requires less permissions than similar messaging services such as WhatsApp and Skype. These permissions are requested in order for users to use the app’s great features including taking and sending photos, recording voice messages, voice and video chatting, and location sharing. SOMA Messenger will never take a photo or video, nor share a location without a user’s confirmation.

“We are committed working hard every single day to stay ahead of security and privacy threats to our users’ data,” continued Guo. “This has been, and will remain, at the core of what we do at SOMA Messenger.”



SOMA Messenger is the world's fastest messenger where users experience unlimited free, high quality voice calls, videos with no buffering, and group chat for up to 500 people- all ad free with the most secure encryption. The app is the latest communications service to come out of Instanza Inc., a privately held American technology company dedicated to creating social mobile apps headquartered in San Francisco, California. Instanza was founded by Lei Guo and Oliver Hayen when they were students at Harvard University back in 2011, and the company moved from Cambridge, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California in 2013. The company has branch offices in China and the United Arab Emirates, with Latin America and Europe offices opening soon. Instanza has a total of 35 employees globally. More information can be found at: http://SOMAapp.com.


PR Date :  20-Sep-2015 

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