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Dmca Highlights Investment Opportunities In Dubai’S Maritime Sector At Cruise Shipping Miami Conference


March 20, 2014
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A delegation from Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA), the government authority charged with regulating, coordinating and supervising all aspects of the maritime sector in Dubai, has participated in the 30th annual ‘Cruise Shipping Miami’ conference in Miami, Florida. The delegates briefed the attendees on the strategic advantages enjoyed by the maritime sector in Dubai. They highlighted the available possibilities in the emirate, which are capable of attracting major marine tourism companies and discussed Dubai’s Maritime Sector Strategy (MSS) and the various aspects related to the maritime sector.

Through its participation, DMCA aimed to highlight the vital role of Dubai in the region’s maritime sector because of its strategic location, which is capable to meet the needs of cruise ships through the infrastructure and logistical resources. Participants were briefed on the marine strategy pursued by the emirate in consolidating its leading role, compliance to international and local standards in the fields of maritime safety and security, and the preservation of the marine environment. The delegates also discussed the significance of developing laws, legislation and regulations, which have had an active role in positive changes within the local maritime sector along with providing investment-friendly environment to attract marine industries from across the world.

The Maritime Sector Strategy enjoys a particular importance, as it is the first plan in the history of Dubai, which centered on the organization, development and promotion of the maritime sector. It is implemented under the supervision of an integrated team of leading experts and specialists based on the clear standards in order to support efforts to create a renewable, safe maritime sector, which is capable of advancing sustainable economic development.

Ali Al Dabbous, Executive Director of Operations, Dubai Maritime City Authority, said: “The participation of DMCA in ‘Cruise Shipping Miami’ conference year after year proves the competitiveness of Dubai at the maritime level regionally and globally and activates the tourism role of the Emirate worldwide. This has been achieved through the introduction of new laws, legislation and regulations, which has been able to keep up with the rapid changes at the regional and international levels. This is in addition to the provision of basic infrastructure, which has formed the mainstay of the cruise ship industry and personal and operational safety which are the focuses of maritime strategy.”

“The conference is an ideal platform to highlight the achievements of Dubai to promote its maritime sector to become a world-leading maritime centre and a prime destination for international cruise ships in line with the highest standards and international best practices. This emphasizes our continuous hard work to make Dubai one of the best leading maritime centres in the world,” concluded Al Dabbous.



PR Date :  20-Mar-2014 

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