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Medical And Psychopedagogical Conference To Be Held In Dubai On Agitated And Easily Distracted Children


Dubai: March 12 2014 – With the support of the Alliance Française and in partnership with the Fondation Jérôme Lejeune, the CEMEDIPP (Centre Médico Psychopédagogique), a non-governemental organization based in Beirut, Lebanon, will organize a conference for parents, teachers, health and child care professionals on agitated and easily distracted children. It will be held in French and will take place at the Alliance Française in Dubai, Oud Metha, street 18, on Saturday March 22 2014, from 9 am to 2 pm.

“We are aware that many French-speaking parents in the Emirates are looking for ways to focus their children’s attention. The same can be said of teachers who don’t always know how best to handle some of their pupils who show difficulties in concentration. This conference, by offering the viewpoint of many specialists on these issues, should help them better understand what is at stake.” said Mr Roland Tamraz, Founder and General Manager of the CEMEDIPP.

“We opened our first center in Beirut in 1998. Since then, we have opened two other branches in Lebanon. The speakers who are coming to Dubai have hands-on experience and I am confident that their know-how will be extremely useful to many parents and teachers. Our ultimate aim in coming here is to open a new center in Dubai, so we can be of help to even more people.” Mr Tamraz added.

“Indeed, few people know this, but 10% of children have behavioral issues, and unless they are properly taken care of, it can create long-lasting difficulties at school.” said Pr André Mégarbané, geneticist, who will co-moderate the conference and is chief doctor at the CEMEDIPP.

“I know that many French people will be interested by this conference, and the Alliance Française is always happy to support and help nonprofit organizations. It is a lucky coincidence that it will be held during the Month to Celebrate the French-Speaking World!” commented Mr Hubert Sévin, director of the Alliance Française in Dubai.

The Conference will be held in French, it will feature child care and health specialists such as headmasters, a psychologist, a psychotherapist, a child doctor and a speech therapist. Each speaker will address the issue by focusing on their own field of expertise.

“We have done a similar conference in Beirut and it was a huge success. This issue is of utmost importance to many parents and teachers, who are often at a loss as to who to turn to, especially in the French-speaking community. We believe we can help them.” Mr Tamraz concluded.

This event is free to attend, every French speaker interested in the subject is very welcome to join and participate in the debate that will take place after the second session.


About the CEMEDIPP

The CEMEDIPP (Centre Médico Psychopédagogique – Medical and Psychopedagogical Centre) is a non-governmental association based in Beirut, Lebanon, with two sister branches in northern and southern Lebanon.

It was created in 1998 to address the need for an organization specialized in caring for children and teenagers with developmental difficulties. Its mission is to detect these difficulties early on and to attend to them so that children can develop to their full potential and no serious disorder follows.

Its team of health and child specialists works in close relation with the parents and schools to offer the most comprehensive treatment.


PR Date :  12-Mar-2014 

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