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Brazartis To Expand Orange Juice Exports To Gulf Region


Rio de Janeiro: 23 April, 2012 – BrazArtis Assessoria em Comercio Exterior Ltda., an import-export company based in Brazil, today announced a campaign aimed at expanding exports of frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ), cold pressed orange oil (CPOO) and D’lemonene to the Gulf Region. This endeavour is aligned with the increasing demand and rising inventory of Brazilian orange juice. 

It is estimated that the inventory of the frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ) and not-from-concentrate (NFC) in Brazil will be 324,000 tons on June 30th, 2012, according to the National Association of Citrus Exporters (CitrusBR). The volume is 51.4% higher than the 214,000 tons on June 30th, 2011, corresponding to the equivalent total stocks converted to FCOJ, which has 5.8 times less water than the NFC.

Jan Dabrowa, Business Development Director at BrazArtis, said: “We are very optimistic about the upcoming orange season and are expecting the prices to be stable in 2012. As a whole, we have seen adjustments in the commodities markets but are expecting for the orange industry to deliver a fruitful harvest and consequently, we are looking forward to offering top quality products at competitive prices to our clients.”

In accordance to the Brazilian Central Bank, the total volume of 535,000 tons of FCOJ has been held as interim inventory, excluding 311,000 tons held as collateral for the financing of the Special Credit Line (LEC) which has been created by the Brazilian government for the 2011/12 harvest. This would give a total initial 224,000 tons and another 100,000 tons may be released in the 2012 season by the LEC, which would increase the availability of stock equivalent to 324,000 tons of FCOJ, according to CitrusBR.

“In addition to the orange juice concentrate and extracts, we have also added a lineup of tropical fruit juices and pulps, including acai, acerola, lemon, guarana, passion fruit, guava, papaya, pineapple and lime, as well as coconut water. This strategic move comes in response to the growing consumption of nutritious tropical fruits worldwide, as well as those from the Amazon.” - added Dabrowa.

The application of orange extracts such as cold pressed orange oil and D’Limonene is very extensive within the food and industrial production. The cold pressed orange oil is used in manufacturing of juices, beverages, sweets, liqueur, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. At the same time, D’limonene, also known as citrus terpene, is often used in manufacturing of resins, synthesis of aroma flavours as well as in solvent and paint industries.

In 2010 Brazilian agricultural exports surpassed $76.4 billion worldwide, an 18% increase from 2009, and attained new record in 2011 by totaling US$94.59 billion, 24% higher than in 2010. Furthermore, it is projected by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture that the agribusiness exports will reach $ 100 billion in 2012.

Brazil's exports span across the whole GCC region including KSA, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria and Oman.

About BrazArtis Assessoria em Comercio Exterior Ltda:
BrazArtis specializes in offering full trade solutions to companies wanting to source bulk quantity products, enter the Brazilian market and/or expanding their operations abroad. Its prime objective is to represent and guide companies through business transactions, facilitate safe and efficient operations, mitigate risks and achieve corporate business goals.


PR Date :  23-Apr-2012 

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