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Spectacular Flamenco Show At The Gobal Village Spanish Pavilion


The event, organized by the Spanish Pavilion, will be held this Thursday , 2nd of February at the Global Village Cultural Stage and will be part of the “Spain at Global Village Flamenco Night” that take place weekly at the pavilion stage.

On this occasion, the show will have the special performance of Jesús Olmedo and Ignacio Lozano , two great masters of flamenco. Jesús was born in Madrid,  where he started his career as flamenco dancer at the age of 10 by performing  in the iconic production "Homenaje  a Madrid" . Jesús has performed in films and television alongside some of Spain's best known actors and flamenco figures. Currently, Jesús continues his career in London where he is now performing in many venues including Ronie Scott's and teaching flamenco dance.

Ignacio Lozano, comes from Jerez, where he started playing the guitar at very early age. He has recorded four albums and collaborates with many artists. Ignacio has appeared on worldwide media including BBC and Sky News.

“Flamenco Nights” includes performances by Vicente Allende, Raquel Reina or the flamenco band Almorayma, and it takes place weekly at the Spanish Pavilion. Besides the cultural events, the Spanish Pavilion offers a wide range of Spanish traditional products (Damasquino from Toledo, Alpargatas, Ceramics, Hand embroidery….) foods (Churros, olive oil, anchovies, manchego cheese, saffron….) and souvenirs from Spain (including official products from “La Liga”). All the cultural activities and products can be found at the facebook site Spain at Global Village Dubai.


About A in a Circle.
A in a circle is young Events Management Company established in Dubai Media City and crated with the objective of promoting cultural shows in UAE.


PR Date :  31-Jan-2012 

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