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53 Biggest Desert Dunes Safari


Adult : US $ 55  
Child : US $ 41  

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53 Biggest Desert Dunes Safari in UAE

Discover the true essence of , on this exciting Dune safari. Your four-wheel drive leaves the bustling city of in the afternoon, heading deep into the vast expanse of the desert, driving over dunes. This off-road adventure, takes place in some of the roughest and most dramatic terrain in the country which includes an adrenaline pumping ride over 53 desert dunes- the biggest ones in UAE. The fascinating scenery of the Desert gives a serene touch and leaves you with an experience of desert as never before. Up on reaching the camp in the desert, a traditional Arabian welcome awaits each of you. Enjoy the true Arabian ambiance, at this typical 5* quality Bedouin campsite, with traditional Arabian carpets, low tables and cushions for comfortable seating and relaxation. Upon your arrival, enjoy an exciting camel ride. Then warm up in the comfort tents set on the deserts by savoring sips of the delicious Arabian brew – Coffee or enjoy the flavored shisha smoking facility available at our camp. Enjoy the splendid buffet dinner with a wide variety of barbecue meats, salads, main-course and deserts. Live or prerecorded Oud music and graceful belly dance performance set to the rhythm of traditional Arabian music is the added Eastern entertainment highlights to this tour. Take home various souvenirs from the heart of the desert like snapshots of a falcon on your shoulder, intricate henna tattoos adorning your hands or the lingering flavors of shisha.

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