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Risk-based inspection improves food safety in Dubai eateries

23-Nov-2016 :

Dubai: For the first time, diners in Dubai have the options of savouring food at over 300 eateries that have scored a gold rating from Dubai Municipality even as the civic body temporarily closed 163 outlets for poor hygiene and maintenance.

The gold rating has been introduced for eateries that have gone beyond the expectations and scored above the excellent (A grade) rating in the risk-based food safety inspection system implemented since last June.

“It is for the first time, after applying the new system, that food outlets are getting above excellent rating. Because of that we have put a new grade, that is the gold rating (A +), and 312 food outlets received this rating,” Sultan Ali Al Taher, head of Food Inspection Section, said in a statement on Tuesday.

He noted that the number of food establishments that received high rating has increased from the same period last year.

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