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Dubai plane crash: Residents noticed low flying plane shortly before Mushrif crash

18-May-2019 :

4 killed in plane crash near Dubai airport
Dubai: Residents reported seeing a light aircraft around Ras Al Khor and International City a short time before
Thursday’s plane crash in Mushrif Park, which killed all four people onboard.
A South African and three Britons died in the incident, which happened on Thursday
evening, while the four-seater Diamond DA42 aircraft was out on a mission to calibrate
terrestrial navigation systems at Dubai International Airport as part of ongoing runway renovations.
Honeywell, the firm initially named as the owner of the aircraft,
confirmed that one of their employees was
onboard but they said the aircraft was owned and operated by a third party.
“We are deeply saddened by the news that a small, chartered
plane crashed in Dubai yesterday (Thursday) evening
and our heartfelt condolences are with the victim’s families,
” read a statement from the US-based conglomerate involved in aerospace.
“The plane was not owned or operated by Honeywell but by a third party engaged by Honeywell,”
the statement added. UK-based Flight Calibration Services Limited (FCSL) are believed to be the
company that owned and operated the aircraft as
they had announced in November that they had won the contract to help calibrate navigation systems
at Dubai Airport during runway renovation works.
When Gulf News called FCSL for comment on Friday, a spokesperson said:
“At the appropriate time our director will issue a statement but at the moment it’s no comment.”
We are deeply saddened by the news that a small, chartered plane crashed in Dubai yesterday
(Thursday) evening and our heartfelt condolences are with the victim’s families.
- Statement from Honeywell
Mohammad Hamthan, an Indian resident in Ras Al Khor told Gulf News: “I saw a small white plane
at around 6.45pm and they were doing rounds.
I saw them rounding twice not so far from the ground at a height of say 35 per cent of the Burj Khalifa.
I thought they were playing because I’m used to seeing planes from a afar but this was a little close.”
Shadab Ali, an Indian resident in International City added:
“I was standing on my balcony at around 7pm and a small aircraft passed by quite low in the direction of Hatta from Shaikh Zayed Road.
It was about 20 storeys off the ground. I kept looking and there were no signs of disturbance or distress, no visible signs of any issue, it was very smooth.
Then it leant slightly to its left and went in the direction of Mushrif Park. The turn wasn’t sharp but gradual, as is typical of an aircraft.
I followed it for about 15-20 seconds until I couldn’t see it anymore. I thought it was doing a recce, aerial photography or something like that.”
Dubai International Airport was closed from 7.36pm to 8.22pm on Thursday during the incident.
Soon after the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) confirmed normal service had resumed at the airport,
while offering condolences to the victim’s families and thanking police and ambulance for their quick response.
”The General Civil Aviation Authority will investigate the accident to establish its causes in accordance with international standards and best practice,” the GCAA tweeted.
Mushrif Park was closed to visitors on Friday and is expected to reopen on Saturday.
4 killed in plane crash near Dubai airport
The aircraft crashed near Mushrif Park on the approach to Dubai International Airport
ubai: A UK-registered small DA42 plane crashed three miles to the south of Dubai International Airport, killing four people on board, the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) announced Thursday evening.
The four-seater plane crashed while on a mission to calibrate terrestrial navigation systems at the airport, with all crew members, three British, and one South African, killed, said the GCAA in a statement
An investigation team from the GCAA arrived at the scene of the crash.
The GCAA said air traffic at the airport is back to normal, adding that it will continue the investigation and provide updates on the progress.
The light aircraft crashed near Mushrif Park on the approach to Dubai International Airport, Dubai Media Office said.
Dubai Media Office tweeted: “An accident involving a small plane with four passengers occurred resulting in the death of the pilot and his assistant. The relevant teams are on the scene.
“The small plane owned by Honeywell had four passengers on board, when it crashed due to a technical malfunction,” Dubai Media Office added.
Honeywell later clarified it did not own the plane.
The company said in a statement that "a Honeywell employee was among the four victims" and it was "deeply saddened by today's plane crash in Dubai," and sent its condolences to the victims' families.
"The plane was not owned or operated by Honeywell, but by a third party engaged by Honeywell. We are waiting for more details."
Dubai International Airport was closed from 7.36pm until 8.22pm after the incident with air traffic forced to circle, and some flights diverted to the nearby Maktoum International Airport.
At around 9pm Dubai Media Office tweeted: “All operations are running smoothly after a slight delay and diversion of some flights as a precautionary measure to ensure security following a minor incident involving a small plane.”
The incident affected operations in one of the two runways at the airport, which was the only one being used due to ongoing renovations to the second runway expected to last 45 days from April 16 to May 30.
A Dubai Airports spokesperson said: “Dubai Airports can confirm that operations at Dubai International were suspended from 19.36 to 20.22 UAE local time due to an incident involving a small aircraft in the vicinity of the airport.”
When Gulf News reached Terminal 1 arrivals there was confusion among awaiting friends and relatives who were not aware of the incident but had noticed the arrivals board backing up with delays and estimated arrivals.
ritish expat Wendy Jones had been waiting for the arrival of her husband from Saudi Arabia since 7.30pm when Gulf News spoke to her at around 9pm.
“He was supposed to land at 7pm and I’ve been waiting quite a while now,” she said. “
Following her husband’s flight on a flight tracker on her mobile phone she said: “He was waiting to land and then he turned around and now he’s gone back and is circling over Manama.
“I can just see there’s a backlog because I’m following it on my phone, and I can tell that there is going to be quite a wait because I can see all the flights backing up waiting to land.”
An Australian expat who preferred to remain anonymous said: “I’ve only just arrived but I can see from the delays and estimated arrivals on the board that there is going to be quite a wait. No one had told us why until you said. We haven’t heard anything about possible diversions to Maktoum Airport.”
Honeywell is a US-based conglomerate that makes products and software solutions in areas that include aerospace, safety, transport, and oil and gas, among others. It has had a presence in the Middle East for over 60 years. Headquartered in Dubai, it is also present in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan where it helps build smart cities

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