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MEP Facilities Management Co-ordinator- Building Services/Design consu : Kobaltt

Description :

A leading property Real Estate organisation are seeking a tenant co ordinator for an operational Mall based in the UAE. One should already be based in the UAE. Responsibilities:
- A leading property Real Estate organization are seeking a tenant co
-ordinator for an operational Mall To assist the Company in the preparation of the Retail Design Criteria Handbooks of the Mall.
- To conduct briefings for new Tenants and their Contractors regarding adherence to the rules, regulations, safety guidelines, insurance policies and Retail Design Criteria Handbook prior to commencement of the fit
-out works.
- To assist the Retailers and/or their Consultants and/or their Contractors during all the Design & Fit
-Out stages of the leased premises of the Mall.
- To review the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing drawings, and check the technical information on the forms in the Retail Design Criteria, which will be forwarded to new Tenants.
- To monitor the hand over of retail units to new or replacement Tenants.
- To review all submissions for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing drawings and inform the Tenant and his Contractor accordingly.
- To monitor the execution of final inspections for retail units that are preparing for opening.
- To monitor the yield up of retail units from Tenants vacating the premises.
- To assist the Company
-s Leasing Department on all the technical information related to the premises.
- To provide all necessary technical information about the Mall.
- Any other duties that might be deemed necessary. Diploma and/or Degree in Mechanical Engineering in the Built environment + 2 years in similar position Excellent Communication, Presentation and Analytical skills are essential One should already be based in the UAE.

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