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Dubai Metro Nol Fare Card

Dubai Metro Nol Electronic Fare Cards

Dubai Tour Booking

UAE EIDA Registration Application Information

"Nol Fare Cards" for Dubai Metro Tickets

The unified electronic fare card called the 'Nol Card' will be sold across Dubai city at public bus stations, marine transport stations and RTA service centres.
There are four Nol cards on offer, Nol Silver, Nol Blue, Nol Gold and Nol Red cards.
The Nol card is considered the best option since it can be used in the Metro and also on public buses, water buses and Metro parking lots in Dubai.
The Nol Silver card can be used in the economy class of the metro. The Nol Red Card is valid for single journey and the Nol Gold card can be used to travel in the VIP compartment of the Metro. The Red Nol is a credit-card sized "Unified Paper Ticket" made of cardboard while the other 3 are a "Unified E-Card" with a rechargeable e-purse made of plastic.
Nol cards can be purchased and recharged at Dubai metro station ticket counters, ticket vending machines, public bus stations, marine transport stations, RTA Customer Service Centers and RTA authorized sales agents.
Children under 5 travel free, children over 5 probably travel full price or get a student card.
Special Needs travellers might get discounted travel with a Blue Nol Card
The Nol Silver card is currently being sold to interested members of the public at different sales outlets across the city including the five public bus stations, eight marine transport stations and the RTA Customer Service Centres.
Card Type Available Validity Cost Max Credit Used By
Silver Card 20 August 2009 5 years AED 20 AED 500 Regular passengers
Red Card Not yet 90 days AED 2 10 journeys Infrequent travellers
Gold Card Not yet 5 years AED 20 AED 500 VIP travellers
Blue Card Not yet 5 years   AED 500 Students & Senior Citizens
Click on the link below for additional information
Dubai Metro
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