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Dubai Metro FAQ's

Dubai Metro FAQ (questions, answers & common queries)

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Dubai Metro FAQ's

General queries about travelling on the Dubai metro network, tickets, Nol cards, etc.
Question : Am I restricted as to how many transfers I can make for one journey?
Yes, on a single trip ticket you can make only 1 transfer. On multi-zone travel you can make 3 transfers. Time allowed between transfers is 30 minutes.
Question : Can children travel free?
Children under 5 years old and under 90cm can travel free. Otherwise they pay the normal fares.
Question : Can you take food and drink onto the trains?
No, the RTA have said that food and drink will not be allowed on the trains.
Question : Do I have to pay for the feeder bus separately?
The feeder bus is included in the metro fare so in effect is free. You swipe your card on entry to the bus and metro and the metro fare gets deducted from your balance. To be confirmed for sure when I travel!
Question : Does the Metro have facilities for people with disabilities?
Yes, they have the following:
  1. - Contrasting tactile guidance path for the visually impaired.
  2. - Ticket counters within easy reach for wheelchair users.
  3. - Dedicated toilets for people with disabilities.
  4. - Lift access to all station levels.
  5. - Dedicated spaces for wheelchair users on all trains.
  6. - Clear way finding signage.
  7. - Information displayed on screens throughout trains and stations.
  8. - Platform alerts as audible bleeps when doors close and corresponding flashing light signal.
Question : How many passengers can each train carry?
The trains are designed for 643 passengers per 5 carriage train.
Question : How many passengers can the Metro carry?
Initially the system will be able to carry 23,000 passengers at its' optimum level. Capacity will expand as the services increase.
Question : If I catch the Metro to the airport (Terminal 3) how easy is it to get to Terminal 1?
There is a shuttle bus that connects Terminal 1 and 3 that runs every 20 minutes 24 hours a day and takes about 5-10 minutes.
Question : Is the parking at the Metro stations free?
Yes, parking is free for Metro users.
Question : What are the Metro timings?
The Metro will be open from 6am until 11pm Saturday to Thursday and 2pm until midnight on Fridays.

During Ramadan the hours will be 6am until midnight Saturday to Thursday and 2pm until midnight on Fridays.
Question : What is the security like at the Metro Stations?
The average security personnel per station is 14 and surveillance cameras per station is 64.
Question : Where can I buy a ticket?
Tickets will be on sale from vending machines at all Dubai Metro stations and bus stations as well as malls and airports.
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Dubai Metro
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